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Work Package 5: Parsing-enabled MWE linking

  • Partners in charge: LI (Agata Savary) and LIF (Carlos Ramisch)
  • Partners involved: LI, LIF, LIGM
  • Objectives: To develop a MWE linking system, which links the MWEs recognized by the parsers of WP3 and WP4 to their corresponding entries in knowledge bases (lexicons and Linked Open Data)
  • Final product:
    • FP.5.1: An MWE linking system for French
  • Subtasks:
    • WP 5.1: MWE normalization
    • WP 5.2: MWE disambiguation


Caroline Pasquer (PhD thesis, funded by PARSEME-FR, supervised by Agata Savary and Carlos Ramisch) has published an article on the variability of verbal MWEs in the French dataset of the PARSEME Shared Task (cf. Pasquer RECITAL 2017).

Work in progress:

Specifications of a system for identifying and merging MWE variants to be applied to entity linking and automatic annotation of treebanks.

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