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We are frequently asked this question: What is the difference between PARSEME and PARSEME-FR? This page tries to a give a concise and precise answer.


PARSEME is a European network on PARsing and Multiword Expressions. Some facts:

  • It was funded by the IC1207 COST action in 2013-2017. After the funding period, the network still remains active.
  • It is structured into 4 Working Groups, gathering over 200 researchers from 31 countries, working on 30 languages and 6 dialects from 10 language families
  • Its main outcomes include:
  • Since the end of the funding period in 2017, the PARSEME follow-up activities have been coordinated by the SIGLEX MWE section.
  • The corpus development activities have been ongoing for several years, with regular releases related to the shared tasks, and no dedicated funding.


PARSEME-FR is a French national project, a spin-off of the PARSEME COST action. Basic facts:

  • It is funded by the French national ANR research agency in 2016-2020.
  • Its consortium gathers 5 French universities
  • Its main outcomes include the French Sequoia corpus annotated for all types of MWEs (i.e. not only verbal). The annotation of verbal VMWEs in Sequoia was performed within the PARSEME corpus annotation project and is compatible with its guidelines (see above).

The links between PARSEME-FR and PARSEME are strong. Notably, as far as outcomes are concerned:

The PARSEME-FR core group members play major roles in the PARSEME network:

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