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Work Package 1: MWE representation and annotation

  • Partners in charge: ALPAGE (Marie Candito) and LIGM (Mathieu Constant)
  • Partners involved: ALPAGE, LI, LIF, LIFO, LIGM
  • Objectives: Select the set of criteria to be used in the project for MWE identification, classification, properties. Produce a gold standard corpus.
  • Final products:
    • FP.1.1: A state-of-the-art report on MWE representation,
    • FP.1.2: Guidelines indicating the criteria to identify and classify MWEs, as well as the list of properties to be encoded in the lexicon and an annotation scheme
    • FP.1.3: A gold standard corpus manually annotated by experts, including deep MWE annotation, together with the annotation guidelines
  • Subtasks:
    • WP 1.1: State-of-the art on MWE in language resources
    • WP 1.2: Setup of formal criteria for MWE identification and classification
    • WP 1.3: A gold standard
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